Function Blocks for Industry based on iec 61131

IEC 61499

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The IEC61499 architecture represents a component solution for distributed industrial automation systems aiming at portability, reusability interoperability, reconfiguration of distributed applications. The IEC 61499 Standard provides a generic model for distributed systems. This model includes processes and communication networks as an environment for embedded devices, resources and applications. Applications are built by networks of Function Blocks.

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First Paragraph: The international standard IEC 61499, addressing the topic of function blocks for industrial process measurement and control systems, was initially published in 2005. The specification of IEC 61499 defines a generic model for distributed control systems and is based on the IEC 61131 standard. The concepts of IEC 61499 are also explained by Lewis and Zoitl [1] as well as Vyatkin.[2]

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Control Engineering August 2021

The IEC 61499 international standard doesn’t signal the end for the programmable logic controller (PLC), but its impact, particularly in process control applications, will change how PLCs are used.



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IEC 61499 Function Blocks for Embedded and Distributed Control Systems Design



International Society of Automation

IEC 61499 is the standard for distributed control systems that follows on from the IEC 61131 standard for programmable logic controllers (PLC). This book is a practical guide for component-based development of distributed embedded and control systems as proposed by the new international standard. Each chapter is designed as an independent study unit, making the book ideal for use in university courses, industrial training, or self-study. Working knowledge of the IEC 61499 standard can be achieved in approximately 10 to 15 learning hours.

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